Cheddar is celebrating Adele’s 25th birthday with a

In what we’re going to call a “this is not a joke” moment, Cheddar Cheese has turned to the power of social media to celebrate an odd choice of homecoming date: Adele’s 25th birthday….

Cheddar is celebrating Adele's 25th birthday with a

In what we’re going to call a “this is not a joke” moment, Cheddar Cheese has turned to the power of social media to celebrate an odd choice of homecoming date: Adele’s 25th birthday.

As the singer turns a year older on Saturday, all the aisles at Westfield Stratford City have been covered in black banners and had their name plastered across the LED screens. The messages look more like they could be sponsored notes on behalf of a gold-digging aristocrat – until you check out the interactive #AdeleSearch campaign, which allows viewers to send you an #AdeleSearch tweet, giving you the power to give one of five Cheddar-based gifts from one of 10 gifts.

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We’ve been inundated with gifs about the hashtag – the video is at the bottom of this article.

It’s no surprise that one or two people are trying to take over with #AdeleThinkMode, with one Tumblr user even going so far as to write a lengthy post explaining why he “feels Adele’s heart is broken right now”.

But we’re not buying it – we all know that Adele’s an incredibly down-to-earth artist, and in her first post since The Telegraph reported the news last week, she’s straight out of the block with a message of love and gratitude for Cheddar.

“30 years. Just fucking five this month, me!” she writes. “I can’t believe how quickly time flies. I have a birthday coming up, my partner has a birthdays to write, my Dad is turning 70, we both have 107 years each between us. It’s crazy.

“But do not tell anyone I say this feeling like I have superpowers (You can see why my Manic Pixie Dream Girl and superfan xo Zayn landed me this job, mind you). No. I haven’t done anything to get here. I just get up every day and love what I do. I don’t know how else to.

“I live my life just the way I like to. Like, going to the gym, sitting outside the bins, getting in my car and driving the 20 minutes to my job. I think I probably want to do the same thing until the day I die. Because that’s all I know how to do. I have no hobbies, I don’t have ambitions, I don’t have superpowers.”

And from the looks of things, it looks like she’s got the support system she deserves to get through the rest of her special day.

Here’s to making dreams come true, Adele.

Update – read the full post by Adele below:

1. Give me an Adele search, the rule is you tweet me with your submission and I will award five of them to the lucky winners. Everything you’re calling a “waste of time” I want to see.

2. I’m taking everything to the charity I always support. Going to an animal sanctuary in Norfolk, to the circus where I got my first animal, The London Eye in London and to the sound studios in Kent that I used to work at in my early 20s.

3. I have been looking at pictures of dogs. Dogs are my favourite things in the world.

4. Everything I own is basically a dog at this point and everything I own would look so great in someone’s garden. Come on KSU.

5. Our anniversary is next Monday – 5th August – and I have been told by a friend who goes to the rehab centre in Norfolk the most amazing things have happened since I have been there. The memories have been more exciting than the food I have had.

6. We had a dream today that I found a lost Star Wars lightsaber. It has GPS, it runs on magic beans and it has Cloud Gate in Chicago for a face.

7. Once upon a time there was a video which came from the website Media Content Bank. I started off with funny and cringeworthy subjects and then moved onto the most difficult time of my life and was left speechless. I won’t give away any of the stories. Because one of the thoughts that crosses my mind at the top of every morning is the word “God.”

8. My statement up to this point would be that I just love you and that I think it’s just fabulous that you’re my boyfriend. I have not noticed any changes and I was not part of that dream. Don’t worry I didn’t enjoy it, either.

9. Except when you were on your knees trying to lay eyes on that lightsaber. Thanks for coming and bringing your gifts, love. xx


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